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Verco / Vulcraft Group announces the publication of DoveTail Deck report through IAPMO-UES The report covers both Vulcraft and Verco branded DoveTail Roof Deck products. Please see below for further information.

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    • IAPMO UES Evaluation Report ER-0423 for Verco/Vulcraft Group Dovetail Deck
      The Verco/Vulcraft Group IAPMO ER-0423 now recognizes dovetail steel decks for compliance with the following codes:

      • 2015, 2012, and 2009 International Building Code (IBC)
      • 2015, 2012, and 2009 International Residential Code (IRC)
      • 2017 Los Angeles Building Code (LABC)
      • 2017 Los Angeles Residential Code (LARC)

      Please use ER-0423 to demonstrate compliance with the Los Angeles Research Report (LARR) requirements for the city of Los Angeles.

    • DoveTail FORMLOK™ Deck
      Composite floor decks provide savings by the elimination of temporary forms and shoring, and allow for immediate use of the deck as a working platform for all trades. DoveTail FORMLOK™ floor decks provide positive reinforcing of the one-way slab due to the mechanical bond and chemical between the deck and the concrete thus creating an effective composite slab. DoveTail FORMLOK™ typically offers longer span conditions than are available with standard structural steel deck.

    • DoveTail Wedge Hangers
      Hang your mechanical systems from DoveTail FORMLOK™ composite deck-slabs. Verco/Vulcraft group offers an easy to use hanging solution for your composite deck. Simple to install and simple to remove our wedge nut hangers are designed for ease of use. With hanging loads always evaluate the FORMLOK™ composite slab based on the actual loading condition (concentrated load from the hanger plus uniform load).

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